Yellow Fever

Hey, guys! Hope you are all doing well.
I got so bored playing with the usual color combinations that I decided to do something unique. So, I chose to pair bright yellow with royal blue this time.Playing with colors is so much fun sometimes (provided that you go with your dressing and fashion sense and do not end up with a ridiculous looking outfit).

These days crop tops are very common with jeans but a crop top with a long skirt? Hmm, seems like an idea that could work!
I was very drawn to this idea and I knew that I HAD to go with it.
And that is the story of how the bright yellow
crop top from Jabong and the royal – blue, floral-print, long skirt
from Zola ended up giving me a Princess look (To be honest, it was the
off shoulder look of the crop top that was making me feel like a

The skirt looks so captivating with the beautiful floral print on a royal-blue background. According to me, the most suited footwear with this attire was a royal-blue sandal with a 4 inch heel.

I am very obsessed with golden accessories. For a change and wanting to do something different, I took my mom’s golden chain and tied it around my wrist in the form of a bracelet.

I also took my mom’s gold dangle earrings as I found them very cute and the small golden flower went well with my outfit. I wanted something simple for the neck. So, I chose to wear this lovely neck piece that I had once received as a gift. The huge pearls on the golden neck piece gave a whole new dimension to my outfit and made it look gorgeous.

I also added three tiny rings which I bought from a local market.

As I mentioned before, the outfit makes me feel like a princess so I was looking for a princess-worthy hairstyle. This is why I decided to go ahead with a waterfall braid.



You can see in the picture that I had a lot of fun during this shoot. The dress is very comfortable as it is not at all skin tight and you can carry it at many events like parties, family functions etc and dazzle everyone with your unique look.



Outfit Details:
Crop Top: Jabong
Long Skirt: Zola

Photography Credits: Kalakar
Hair Styling done by: Nimisha Raizada

Content Editor: Nimisha Raizada

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