Pink Striped

When it comes to looking simple yet smart, the first outfit which appears in my mind is a shirt with jeans. The shirt tucked in jeans gives me such a smart and formal look.
This pink striped shirt from woodland, tucked in the sky blue jeans from flipkart, gives me the look that I desire.
But what are clothes without appropriate footwear to go with them? With this outfit, I need a footwear which is funky as well as decent.


So, I chose to pair vans from walkin with my pink striped shirt and sky blue jeans. The vans from walkin are very comfortable and can be worn anywhere. The print of white, black, blue and pink colours on the vans give it a funky yet decent look.

But where do I keep my girly stuff? Just in case I need anything when I am out. This bag from forever 21 came to my rescue! It can be used as a handbag as well as a sling bag. The bag looks so pretty with such bright colours and has enough space for keeping small important things like my makeup stuff ( just in case i need a touch up when I am out ), some money, and, the most important, my mobile phone ( how can I forget it! ). So, things like that can be easily kept in the bag. The folding flap closure of the bag keeps your stuff safe as well.


This whole outfit is best for the summers. In the sweltering heat outside, all the light and bright colour can help you keep fresh and you can simply fold up your sleeves ( like I did ) in case you feel hot or just keep them straight open, whatever you feel like.


Shirt: Woodland
Jeans: Flipkart
Vans: Walkin
Bag: Forever 21


Content Editor: Nimisha Raizada

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