Happy Polka Dots

When ever I see a dress with polka dots, it makes me feel happy and more cheerful. There is something which is different about the polka dots, something more happier and unique.


So is my tucked in white polka dotted black sleeveless top. The top tucked in the pencil skirt, gives me a one short dress kind of look. The white polka dotted black sleeveless top and the black pencil skirt are both from get gorgeous, paired up with black heel, also from get gorgeous. The black heel having small black flowers tucked with silver beads in them on the left corner each, gives it a perfect look.


I am personally so attracted to the black coloured stuff. The top and the pencil skirt are both very comfortable. You can even wear them by leaving some space in between the top and the skirt or by leaving no space and giving it a single dress like look. The black pencil skirt even have those cute pockets on both the sides, making it more comfortable.


The top and the pencil skirt combination is so simple yet classy, that you can not only wear it out in any party but also during your work hours, to your work place or office. As it even gives you a formal look.



Top: Get Gorgeous
Pencil Skirt: Get Gorgeous
Heel: Get Gorgeous

Photography Credits: Gursheen Kaur and Amber Singh Marwa

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