We are going through really tough times amid COVID-19 but I hope that you all are fine and safe at home. Due to the pandemic, we cannot step out of the house (excluding exceptional urgent situations), so we are doing everything at home. This also includes working as a digital content creator, personally, I am a Blogger, YouTuber (basically an Influencer) who has to be active on every possible social media as this is my full-time job, for which I have to keep creating content consistently if not outdoors then indoors (you can check I post daily on my Instagram). This made me come up with an idea of showing you all how just like me you can also get some easy pictures at home. There must be many budding influencers or some people who like to get creative on social media may get something good out of this post.

Since I am a 90s kid (born in 1997) I was lucky enough to witness some 90s stuff that can be typically called vintage or retro now, like a tape recorder with cassette player, CD OR DVD, a big old television and a beautiful tea set reminding of those royal times too. I had these things at home from my parents/grandparent’s times and I am sure a lot of you must also be having these kinds of old things at home. So, I pictured in my mind a cool photoshoot with a retro theme.

For the 1st picture, I organized a tea set consisting of a teapot, sugar bowl, milk bowl, teacup along with its plate, and the teaspoon. Keeping the whole set on a bed tray table covered with a white knit table runner to give more of a royal vibe and not forgetting about the retro touch I tied my hair with a scarf that had a side knot. The whole concept behind this picture is to show a bedtime tea scenario but with a royal/vintage twist. Whereas talking about the angle from which this picture was clicked, it was taken on my eye level and the frame was landscape/horizontal.

For the 2nd picture, I kept an old giant television on the floor along with a radio player at the side. Other than doing the usual pose in front of the television, I chose to sit over it (please be cautious and don’t put your too much weight over the TV as it might break, so sit lightly) by holding a CD in my one hand. Whereas I wore a lot of faux animal prints such as a t-shirt, mules, and hairband to include the retro fashion in this picture. This photography was done from a low angle, keeping the frame vertical.

Now coming to the 3rd picture, I created a whole layout of CD player along with its remote, a lot of cassettes and CD/DVDs as a spread on the floor. After which I simply laid down over these things and got clicked from a top angle, in a portrait/vertical frame (as in the camera was placed right above me). I again tried to create retro fashion with it by making my hair look short, curled inside from bottom with a hairband.

Talking about the last photography idea, you can get more creative with the cassette like I made a pile of them on a side table, with which I acted as if I was putting a cassette into the cassette player. In this picture, I wore a puffy sleeve wrap around top for more vintage feel. This picture has been taken at my eye level in a landscape/horizontal frame.

These were all the ideas that are easy to try even for beginners. I got these pictures clicked at home with the help of my mom and dad but you can also get these pictures on your own as self-portraits with the use of a tripod and timer. Whereas, I edited all of these pictures in vintage style by adding some retro filters and frames. It is not necessary to have a camera/DSLR in order to get such pictures, you can easily get good quality pictures even from your phone camera (iPhone or any good quality mobile phone camera that you might have). For a better explanation of how I took these pictures, you can check out my TikTok account as I’ll be sharing the same ideas there in the video format. Also, stay tuned as I will be coming up with a video on some new indoor self-portrait/photography ideas on my YouTube channel. If you try out creating similar pictures based on a similar concept, don’t forget to mention me so that I can repost it on my Instagram. I would love to see your recreations and eagerly waiting for your responses on this blog post. Do let me know your reviews/opinions about this post in the comments section and please suggest some topics on which you will want me to create more blog posts.

Stay safe, stay at home!

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