The new avatar: Hair & Care Fruit Oils!

Hey, lovely people! It’s been a long time since I posted anything on the blog. Which is why I am back here with the new avatar of Hair & Care. When oil meets fruits, nourishment meets excitement! And that’s why Hair & Care changes its avatar to become Hair & Care Fruit Oils.

Amongst the two new avatars of Hair & Care Fruit Oil, one is with unique fruit combinations of Oranges, Anaar and Strawberry. Oranges are natural conditioners with numerous benefits from its pulp, juice and even the peels. Strawberries have antioxidants that keep hair moisturized, shiny and smooth. Whereas, Anaar is rich in essential fatty acids and punicic acid, that strengthens the dull strands and gives hair a natural gloss.

Another one is with the unique combinations of Olive, Mosambi and Green Apple. Olives are rich in vitamins A, E, and antioxidants that help protect the keratin in hair and seals in moisture. Mosambi contains vitamins that strengthen hair and is also used for the treatment of split ends and dandruff. Whereas, Green Apples are packed with vitamins and minerals that help promote hair growth.

I have been using both these product since a few days and can feel the difference in my hair. Also, the bottle of the Hair & Care Fruit Oil costs INR 60 each, which is an affordable price.

So, don’t wait anymore. Try the new Hair & Care Fruit Oils and let your hair taste the goodness of fruits!

Photography Credits: Rahul Singh Rathour

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