Fall Fashion

Fall, also known as the autumn season. The time of transition from summer to winter like right now where summers are slowly having cool temperatures nowadays as winter is coming soon so the fall/autumn season will remain till the time winter arrives. Whereas during such time when it is not so cold and not so hot people prefer wearing something that can cover them up but is also not too warm. Now that you know what exactly fall season is about, let’s get into some styling ideas. In this blog post, I have given 3 fall outfit ideas that may help you for the season.

For the first outfit I wore a bell sleeve crop top with white high waist jeans to match the white lines on the top, over the top I wore a crop denim jacket through which I took the top’s bell sleeves out for a little extra styling and since this look gave me some sporty vibe, I added a black cap as well as boots for more of a smart look.

The second outfit is more like an experimental styling which I tried so you need to let me know how it is. Here I wore an all-black attire (a black tank top and a black jegging) over which I wore a long denim shirt and added a mini skirt on the top of the jacket. I did this styling keeping those people in mind who would like to wear a skirt during fall but without feeling cold. Finished this look with simple white sneakers, a watch, and square hoop earrings.

The third look is a formal attire which you can carry during any professional work, this is a simple yet classy style for those who want to keep it basic yet chic in an office or any working environment. Here I wore a sky blue lined shirt that has some studs on it (the studs make your look a little different but not too extra as formal wear). In order the match the color tone I wore a dark blue color skirt as a bottom. To make the look stand out a little more I carried these cat eye animal print transparent glasses and finished the look with a gold watch, bracelet, and white boots.

Thanks for reading, take care and stay safe!

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