Dream Big with this yellow Tank Top from BEWAKOOF

“No dreamer is ever too small, no dream ever too big.”
Without dreamers, the world would not have been such an extraordinary place. It is the dreamers who dare to dream big and achieve big.
So, here is to all the secret dreamers!
Come on out of those comfortable couches and the cosy nooks and crannies of your houses. It is time to announce yourself to the world with this yellow Tank Top from BEWAKOOF with the print of “Dreamer”on it.

Now, generally, what would you think of pairing a tank top with?

Jeggings? Jeans? Or perhaps a pair of hot pants? All of those are pretty usual outfits. But I wanted to do something different this time.

I asked myself the question, “How would it be if I paired a Tank Top with a long skirt?”

Yes! I paired the yellow dreamer Tank Top from BEWAKOOF with a pink long skirt. The skirt has yellow print on it that goes so well with the Tank Top. The whole outfit came out to be very different and striking.


With this outfit, I decided to go with a simple Donut Bun hairstyle that is very easy to make. The other accessories I wore were a pair of silver dangle earrings and silver bangles in both the hands.


This time, I went with trendy brown flats to complete the outfit. In the same way, you can also become different and innovative with BEWAKOOF.

For men, BEWAKOOF also has a Collection of “Men’s T-shirt“, “Pajamas for Men“, “Denim Jeans“, “Sweatpants” & “Sweatshirt“.

For women, they have a collection of “T-shirt Dress“, “Crop tops“, “Women’s shorts” & “Sweatshirts for women“.

Photography Credits: Navneet Shukla (Nav Photography)

Content Editor: Nimisha Raizada

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