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Have you ever thought of going out in a pajama? No, right? We always wear our comfortable pajamas at home where we want to feel relaxed and free from those skinny jeans.
But what if I told you that you can wear your pajamas outside while hanging out with your friends and look stylish at the same time? Sounds pretty unbelievable, right? But it is possible now with the new collection of Pajamas for women.

I am totally in love with this moustache pajama sent to me by BEWAKOOF. I had no clue a person could look this stylish and be so comfortable at the same time. That too in pajamas!

To go with the pajama, I chose to wear a black
crop top, a black choker, bellies and kept my hair open. Wearing a
pajama was so much more comfortable and liberating than those skinny
jeans or tight skirts.


You can see in the pictures how comfortable I
was in that pajama while having my coffee, while reading books, or while
just randomly using my phone.




The best part? Ladies, are you ready for this? It has pockets! And not one of those fake stitched pockets either. It has real pockets that you can keep your usual stuff in.

As it is a moustache pajama, I had some fun by posing with a moustache prop in my hand. I got my moustache pajama from Pajamas for women, grab yours today!

For the sake of adding an extra bit of style, I decided to wear this silver locket on the backside (isn’t it different?).

Guys, do not get disappointed as BEWAKOOF has got something for all. Do check out the Collection¬† Of “Men’s T-Shirt“, “Pajamas for Men“, “Denim Jeans“, “Sweatpants” & “Sweatshirt“.

For women they have a collection of “T-Shirt Dress“, “Crop Tops“, “Women’s shorts” & “Sweatshirts for women“.

Picture Credits: Prateek Khatri (CLICK)

Content Editor: Nimisha Raizada
Location Courtesy: Homeys Cafe

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