Be Better Than Soap With ITC Vivel

While there are so many things in life that are getting an upgrade, I was thinking of giving my bathing experience an upgrade too. All this by just using a body wash and a loofah, instead of soaps or the conventional means of scrubbing. So here I am today to talk about the upgraded bathing experience, thanks to Vivel Body wash.

We have been using soaps for ages now and to be honest, the age-old habit of using soaps is now outdated. Using the same soap over and over again carries a lot of impurities and it is definitely not what I want to use. And why should I? Especially when I have a much better, easier and cost-effective alternate – The Vivel Bodywash.

One is the Mint+Cucumber Vivel Bodywash which comes up with a free loofah and feels super refreshing. I prefer using it after a long tiring day! Mint has an extremely refreshing effect on your skin. It hydrates, tones, and rejuvenates your skin. Cucumber, on the other hand, revitalizes skin, reverses skin tanning and helps soothe sunburn.

The second body wash is the Lavender+Almond oil Vivel Bodywash which comes with a free loofah too and has a soothing fragrance that instantly lights up my mood. Lavender treats dry skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Almond, on the other hand, is great for moisturization. It works as a great cleanser and keeps your skin healthy and smooth.

These are 100 ml bottles each that will last for over 25+ washes and you’ll be surprised to know that one bottle is for 40 INR only which makes it so cost-effective. Usually, people have a perception of body washes being very expensive but it is not true in case of the Vivel body wash range. These body washes are even available easily in the market almost everywhere. Also, it is hygienic to use as the liquid remains inside the bottle. You can use it by pouring a coin-sized drop of body wash on the wet loofah, then massage it on your body to create a rich creamy lather. In today’s world of pollution and impure air where dirt is harming the skin, we need to take some extra care of our skin with something that is gentler and relaxing on the skin.

The body wash is also better for you as it makes you feel fresh all day long. The soap loses its natural fragrance when it lies in the open especially after 3-4 days. On the other hand, each drop of body wash feels fresh like a bar of new soap, every time. The loofah helps you scrub off the dead cells, impurities or dirt from pores, excess oil, and sweat, basically everything that can make your skin unhealthy. So, it not just cleanses but also scrubs! Upgrading from soap to body wash is also beneficial because it is milder than soap, its pH is skin-friendly and is definitely #BetterThanSoap.

If you agree with me then it’s time to make a switch and have a better bathing experience. It is important to make the right choice for your body and use the Vivel Bodywash. Your body truly deserves this. I recommend these body washes from Vivel to everyone who wants to change their bathing experience just like me!

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