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    This New Year, find the child in you!

    My idea of starting 2k17 is just spreading joy all around with little cute things. As adults, why do we search for happiness only in the big things? What happened to…

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    Sweater Weather

    Hey guys! I know it has been a while since I posted anything but today I am back with all guns blazing with my first ever winter look! Usually people don’t…

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    Heat on? Dress on!

    It’s the month of September and yet the weather outside makes it feel like we’re still stuck in the hot, sweltering heat of June. Going out in such weather does bring…

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    Yellow Fever

    Hey, guys! Hope you are all doing well. I got so bored playing with the usual color combinations that I decided to do something unique. So, I chose to pair bright…

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    Little Cute Things

    After discovering the wonders of street shopping recently, I decided to do it one more time!Who doesn’t want to look younger than they are? With the addition of some accessories, some…