Holi Hai!

Holi is the festival of colours. People from every sphere of life love to celebrate this festival that spreads so much joy and happiness. On the day of Holi, families and friends gather around and smear colours on each other, make merry and eat lots of delicious Holi special dishes like gujhiya.

Traditionally, people have usually worn white clothes like kurta and suit on Holi, but in the recent years, a lot of colourful and stylish dresses have also been seen like hot pants, backless dresses, etc. This trend is what inspired me to give my outfit a nice makeover this Holi.

As you can see in the pictures, I am wearing an exquisite red suit (that I bought from Kapoorthala, a local market in Lucknow) along with a cream coloured high-low jacket that has elegant golden work on it. I took a pair of cream coloured palazzo pants from Sarojini nagar (a local market in Delhi) to go along with the suit.

In the accessories department, I wore golden jhumkas (from Sarojini nagar) along with a golden bracelet from Don Desi India, a brand that makes handmade bags and jewellery with intricate work and detailing. I wore my old golden heels to complete the outfit.

With the jacket on, I created two styles. One where I kept the front of the jacket closed and the other where I kept it open.

In case you don’t want a jacket, I made a third style by removing the jacket and replacing it with a cream dupatta. The Dupatta gave a whole new dimension to the look. The Red bindi and stunning makeup, that complemented my attire so well, was done by Ishita Pandey.

Outfit details:

Suit with jacket: Kapoorthala (a local market in Lucknow)

Palazzo pants and jhumkas: Sarojini nagar (a local market in Delhi)

Bracelet: Don Desi (Facebook/Instagram)

Content editor: Nimisha Raizada

Makeup done by: Ishita Pandey

Photography credits: Raj Dixit

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